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Jomo247 is a secure online solution for your Quality Management System.

With our simple to use software, you can ensure the right work is being completed, at the right time, with the right staff involved – wherever your team are working.

Quality Management That Works For You

  • Store your data and documentation safely and securely, with easy access for the people you choose
  • Unclog your inbox and enable your team to focus on improvement, not admin

Real Time Reporting Means You Get All The Information You Need Instantly

Instant updates make tracking whether deadlines are being met a breeze for your quality management system. See at a glance whether anything has over run and in a couple of clicks find out why. Feedback to your team straight away so issues are spotted and fixed fast.

  • The Dashboard features all the information you need to take you to the source of issues
  • Easy yet powerful permission settings ensure your team only sees the figures relevant to them

Clever Automation Means You’re Never Updated When You Don’t Need To Be

Assign tasks to individuals or groups for easy collaboration in your quality management system. Set roles so that your team only see the parts of tasks which are relevant to them, and confidential data stays private.

  • Tasks only appear in your list when you have work to do, with no unnecessary emails
  • Comments within tasks makes sure resolving queries and issues stays on topic

An All In One Solution For Your Quality Management System

Organise your tasks into folders so they are easy to find and manage. See analytics for related tasks and add new team members in just a few clicks. Retire processes instantly so you feel confident your team are always following the right procedures.

  • Audit every interaction so you know when and why things happened
  • Restore deleted data instantly should you change your mind

Update And Create Procedures Quickly and Painlessly

Using familiar workflow diagram software create templates for your processes – or use one of our ready made examples. Once set up, you can be confident your team are compliant whilst also reducing training, as staff are only involved with the parts of your processes you choose.

  • Simple to use workflow software lets you customise your processes
  • Copy and share processes with your team so they can make changes quickly and easily

All Your Documentation Together, Secure and Organised

Intelligent searching makes it simple for your team to find the documents they need. Tag images so you can quickly compare the quality and consistency of your products. Store everything online and have confidence that your data is secure yet easy to access, so you and your team are always prepared.

  • Reference documents against as many standards as you wish, making them easy for your team and auditors to find
  • Set permissions so your team only see the documentation appropriate to them

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